donderdag 21 november 2013

Monseigneur Cardijn

Mgr. Cardijn in the middle, between the children,
in 1949 in my village, near Antwerp.
The parents has been leaders from KAJ and VKAJ in their parishes.
It was an unexpected visit.
Even when there where no networks, no internet, 
even not many people has a telephone at that time.
But in a few hours lots of families arrived with their children
as you can seen here.

These young parents where the second generation from KAJ and VKAJ

This is a very special log.

I write it in English because it is also important for people all over the world.
Since months (perhaps years) people in India, Australia, but also in Europe,
specially in Belgium are working for the beatification from Joseph CARDIJN.
The priest which has started with an organisation, first in Belgium,
for young christian workers. We speek about the twenty's.

Lots of young people had to go to work from 14 years, perhaps younger.
It was hard work in manufactories, and housemaids at rich people's families.
At that time they worked 60 hours a week or more, 6 days from 10 to 12 hours.
There was no respect for these young people, especially for the girls.

Joseph Cardijn, who was a young priest, saw these difficulties
and he went to the manufactories and tried to talk with the young girls,
to give them self-respect. 

He started with small groups in and around Brussels (Laken),
in different parishes. After that he started with the young men (boys).
He called it the K.A.J. KATHOLIEKE ARBEIDERSJEUGD  V.K.A.J. for the girls  

My parents, both leaders from KAJ, are on this picture
with 3 from their (at that moment) 4 children.
I, the eldest, was in a boardingschool and I had not the uppertionity
to met Mgr. Cardijn.
But I met him later, when I was a leader myself.

It is always a pleasure to seen these pictures an to remember
what KAJ and Mgr. Cardijn ment to us and did to us.

But more important is how the organisation growth,
in the whole world.

One Facebook you can find more information.
And if you have information yourself you may always contact me
or the responsables in India. You can find it on that Facebook-page.


Thank you very much

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dag Ria,
wat kan zo een fot weer veel herinneringen naar boven brengen:-)
ik moet eens gaan zoeken, wij hadden een pater waar iedereen erg gek mee was,
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nou heeft dat wel niks met jouw verhaal te maken, maar toch....
ik vind het leuk om daar aan te denken:-)